Google Maps Quota and Charges

How Google Maps is setup. The cost involved and setting up your own account

Written By Anirban Majumdar (Super Administrator)

Updated at April 15th, 2020

Google maps is an essential part of the online ordering experience both on the website as well as the apps. There are 2 key places where Google Maps is used:

  1. Determining the user location and the closest store
  2. Saving a user's address for delivery

For supporting the above cases, we make use of the following services from Google Maps platform:

  • Places API - Autocomplete
    This is used where a user types in a few letters and Google suggests places based on matching predictions.
  • Places API - Place Details
    This is used to fetch the basic information (address, latitude, longitude) about a place that is selected by the user by clicking on one of the suggested places from the autocomplete functionality.
  • Geocode API
    This is used for determining the basic details of a place based on a latitude and longitude value.
    This comes into play when a user launches the ordering app and we use the lat/lng value available from the operating system and pass it to Google Maps to get the address of the place. This is also used, when a user clicks on "Locate me" widget in the website to determine the location without searching for a place.

The Google Maps service used to be free for a long time. Around June 2018, Google Maps announced that it will become a paid service. They announced a pricing plan along with a monthly $200 credit.

The pricing for all the services that we use are included under the "Places" section of the pricing plan.

Since, we had been using the service for free all this while, we had no idea what would be the impact of the new pricing. As required by Google, we set up dedicated "Billing Accounts" for each of our merchants using our own payment account. These billing accounts were all setup for processing payment in INR. 

What we found after the first 3-4 months was that charge levied for every billing account totaled to Rs.0. We were happy that no new additional cost was getting levied and carried on.

In March 2020, Google started enforcing a daily request limit of 750 on every merchant account. This would mean that with as few as 100 visitors to the website/app per day, this limit would easily be hit. When we reached out to Google about this arbitrary daily limit, they said that since all our billing accounts are setup for INR processing, they have been unable to charge the usage correctly. To restore usage, we will need to setup USD Billing Accounts. 

That is what we are doing for all our new merchants and any merchant who complains of having hit the threshold. However, ever since we've moved to the new billing account setup, we have realised that any merchant who gets close to even 50-100 orders a day,  exhausts the $200 monthly credit. As a result, we have set a daily request quota of 1750 requests to ensure that our billing accounts do not get charged for additional usage.

What this means for you?

If your website/app breaches the threshold set by us, Google Places and related services will stop functioning. If you report the same to our support team, we will ask you to setup your own billing account (since the website and platform's current pricing is not inclusive of any additional charges we incur from Google Maps).

Someone from our support or account management team will reach out to you and help you setup the billing account and other configurations that are required for getting Google Maps working on your website and apps again.

For more information related to setting up of Google Maps account in India, here's a list of FAQ shared by Google.

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