Bestsellers on aggregators

How to go about enabling the bestsellers on the aggregators for your business

Written By Ops UrbanPiper (Collaborator)

Updated at March 13th, 2019

What are BestSellers?

Aggregators have a feature where they display the bestselling items of the restaurant on a separate tile/section on the website and APP.

The section has enhanced UI/UX which contains images of all recommended items on it.

This helps the customer to select the items directly from the recommendation section without scrolling down the entire menu.

How to tag items as bestsellers?

Step 1- Quint Configuration

  • Go to Configuration → Configurations → Business.

  •  Select the Platform(Zomato, Swiggy). 

  • Mention either p(portrait) or l(landscape) in the field "option to choose between portrait or landscape. The default is portrait" depending on where the item images have been uploaded.

  • Head to Configuration -> Ordering -> Items. 

  • Select/Create the item and upload the item image.

  •  Check the Is  Recommended field. Hit Save.


Step 2- Syncing The Menu

  • Configurations -> Ordering -> External Platform.

  • Select Zomato/Swiggy as the External Platforms and click on the location.

  • Click on SYNC ALL and click on the link icon.

Step 3- Verify

Once the menu is been synced, you can view Bestsellers(Zomato) and Recommended(Swiggy) items live on the Zomato/Swiggy URL.

Web View(Zomato)

App View(Zomato)

Web View(Swiggy)

App View(Swiggy)

Note- 1) Foodpanda does not show the bestsellers/recommended items.
           2) Zomato shows the bestsellers image in the app and not on the web.  
           3) Swiggy does not show item without an image to it under the recommended section. You can reach your Swiggy poc for the Tags (Bestsellers, Must Try) configuration.


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