How to configure a Discount?


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Updated at October 28th, 2019

A Discount  is a quintessential part of a growth strategy to impact a business , to configure the same, follow the steps below :

1. Configuring a Discount :

To Create a Discount go to Hub→ Platform Discounts . Click on Add New Discount.

1.1 In the New Zomato/Ubereats Discount page , follow the pointers below.

  • Title : Enter the title of the discount  Eg: 10%,25% .
  • Description : Enter the description in the box.
  • Is active? : Checking the box will activate the discount & vice versa .
  • Type : There are 5 types of discount for Zomato and 2 for Ubereats.

1) BOGO - The expansion of BOGO stands for Buy one get one ,where in when two BOGO items are added to the cart, the second highest priced item is discounted from the total bill. (Zomato)
2) Fixed - Fixed discount is a specific amount of discount which can be applied to a range of bill or a minimum bill. For eg : 100 rs would be discounted for the minimum bill of 300 rs.(Zomato/Ubereats)
3) Percentage - A particular percentage of discount is applied to a minimum or range of bill. For eg : 30% off on the minimum bill of 200rs or 40% discount on the bill of 400 to 800rs.(Zomato/Ubereats)
4) Fixed Dish Discount - A Fixed Dish Discount is essentially a Fixed discount but is applied to a particular chosen item or a set of items and not on the entire bill. For eg : Tandoori Chicken Tikka will have 40rs off on the original price of the item or dish.(Zomato)
5) Percentage Dish Discount - A Percentage Dish Discount too could be called a variation of a Percentage discount which is applied to a specific item or a specific range of items . For eg : All the Tandoor Items will be carrying a 20% discount .(Zomato)

  • Value : Enter the value of the discount.
  • Is it one time use only : Checking the box will make the discount available only once per user.
  • Minimum Order Amount : Enter the minimum order amount to avail the discount.
  • Starts on : Enter the starting date of the discount .
  • Expires on : Enter the ending date of the discount.
  • Timings group : Associate a timings group for the discount to run in a specific duration of the day.

1.2  Discount association

  • RESTRICT TO ITEMS : Move the desired items from the All Items column to Associated items column .
  • RESTRICT TO STORES : Move the desired stores from the All stores column to Associated stores column .

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