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This article helps you answer the questions related to the implementation of the Satellite widget in the POS application

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Updated at June 19th, 2020

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  1. What is the main objective of implementing the satellite widget?
    - This will help the POS partners to reduce the effort on building the UI components from scratch related to the following events,
    • Order Relay
    • Order Status Updates
    • Rider information
    • Items stock-in/out control
    • Store enable/disable control
    • Rider Body Temperature and Mask Check
    • Bill Print - KOT, Order Slip.
    • Settings window - Bill Print and Store management

  2. Why the implementation of the Satellite Widget is helpful?
    • This will help the cut-down time involved in aggregator integration development.
    • The Go-live of the integration will be soon.
    • No need to worry about the downtime of the POS partner's systems endpoints. Basic internet is sufficient to load the widget within your application.
    • The merchants will not lose any orders due to any technical issues faced at POS systems. The orders to POS via Satellite widget will flow seamlessly.

  3. What are the other APIs to be consumed apart from Satellite Widget?
  4. Can the raw-data of order details being pushed to the POS backend through Satellite Widget?
    - No. In order to get the data dump to the POS backend, it is suggested to consume Webhooks. The Satellite widget is a JS SDK running on the client-side application through web-socket.

  5. What are the minimum requirements to get the Satellite Widget implementation?
    - The POS system should have the basic support for loading the browser side SDK APP within its application.

  6. What all UI changes are allowed?
    • Background Color
    • Font Size
    • Height

  7. How to import the CSS files?
    - Inside the script tag before initializing the STL instance.
    const widgetStyles = {
          backgroundColor: '#283b4d',
          fontSize: '16px',

  8. How to get the sound notification for a new order?
    - By subscribing to the event: `new_order` for every new order landed on an embedded satellite widget. Set the handler to trigger a sound notification for a certain duration of time or when you capture the event: `order_status_change` for a given order.

  9. Is seamless bill printing is supported?
    - Yes.

  10. Is it possible to print only Bill?
    - Yes. It can be controlled at the Settings level in the embedded application.

  11. Can I print only KOT?
    - Yes.

  12. Is it possible to print KOT and Order Slip one after another automatically?
    - No.

  13. How to create store-wise access?
    - At the time of generating the access token, by specifying the POS store ids under the "stores" array will create the store-level access.

  14. How to subscribe to the multiple stores?
    - While generating the access token, by specifying the list of POS store ids under the "stores" array will subscribe the given user to multiple stores.

  15. Do the tokens once created gets expired?
    - Yes. The token gets expired after 30days automatically for security reasons. Make sure to generate the fresh tokens for a user for every login session. Do not reveal this information on the client (browser) side. It is required to make the request from the POS server-side to keep it secret.

  16. How to create master access for the user who can access all store data?
    - While generating the access token, if the "store" array is not passed in the request then the system treats it as the user requested for master access.

  17. Where to put the script tag for initializing the STL instance?
    - It is recommended to put it inside <head> tag.

  18. What all routes available for rendering the Satellite widget?
    • "placed" — for rendering the active orders.
    • "past-order" — for rendering past orders.
    • "inventory" —for rendering the item stock control page.
    • "settings" — for rendering the store settings and print settings.

  19. Is it possible to get the raw dump of the bill print?
    - No.

  20. Which are all event listeners are available and what’s the purpose?
    1. "new_order" — This event can be listened to to notify the orders in the form of window popup notification or sound notification through the handler by writing a function for this event.
    2. "Order_status_change" — This event can be listened to stop the propagation of the notification handler which was initialized for the event "new_order".

  21. Should POS Partners have to consume the webhooks data to store the information related to the order in the POS backend?
    - Yes.


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