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API to enable/disable the items and options on the aggregators platform.


Written By Ops UrbanPiper (Collaborator)

Updated at March 27th, 2020

Items Actions API -

  1. Can I have the inventory control for all the items at all the locations at the single call?
    - No. The inventory call always happens location wise for all the items across all aggregators in a single call.

  2. Can I enable/disable items for a particular platform?
    - No. If there is an API request made to disable/enable an item/option then, the action will perform across all the platforms.

  3. Do I need to set the POS store id in the field "location_ref_id" while making a call?
    - Yes.

  4. Can I have the control for stock out/stock in the options/variants?
    - You can pass the POS options/variants ids under the attributes "item_ref_ids[]" to stock-out or stock in. When you have the ids clash between items and options at your end, you can use "option_ref_ids[]" to stock only options.

  5. What is the throttle limit for this Items Actions API?
    - A throttle limit is applicable to this endpoint limiting the maximum number of requests/min to 50. If you breach this threshold, the platform will respond with a 429 error response code and you will not be able to make new requests for a duration of 1 min.

  6. Is there any callback method for this API?
    - Yes.

  7. Can I perform bulk action for this API to stock-out/stock-in items?
    - You can send the item ref ids/option ref ids comma-separated to make the bulk request call.

  8. How many items or options I can send in item_ref_ids in one call?
    - 200

  9. Is there any callback available for this API?
    - Yes. In order to receive the callback for this API, you can configure the callback URL in the quint dashboard under webhooks choosing the event type as - Item Stock In/Out. Or you can use the Webhooks API to configure them in our system.

  10. What all the possible actions available?
    enable - to enable a set of items/options.
    disable - to disable a set of items/options.
    enable_all - to enable all the items/options.
    disable_all - to disable all the items/options.

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