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This article helps you to understand how to make use of the Authorization issued for integration.


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Updated at March 27th, 2020

Authorization -

  1. What is the use of Authorization?
    - In order to make a request to our Restful APIs, you need to use the proper authorization shared with you for a brand/business.

  2. Where to put the Authorization keys in the request?
    - You need to put the Authorization keys in the headers of the request. Below is the format of how you need to use them,
    key - Authorization
    value - apikey api_username:api_key

    where the api_username and api_key will be shared with you.

  3. How many Authorization will I get for one business?
    - You will get only one Authorization for one brand/business.

  4. Can I get the Authorization outlet/store wise for a brand?
    - No, you will get only one Authorization for a brand irrespective of N' number of stores/outlets the brand has.

  5. What Domain URL I need to use for the sandbox environment?
    - You need to use for the test environment.

  6. What Domain URL I need to use for the Production Environment?
    - You need to use for the live environment.

  7. What is Multi-brand and how you define it?
    - A merchant runs a different set of brands under a single location/outlet and manages the inventory and orders in one POS system, we term that approach as Multi-brand. The integration we have with POS who on-board these kinds of merchants called Multi-brand integration.

  8. How does Authorization work for multi-brand integration?
    - When multi-brand integration is in place for a POS, we issue only one Authorization key associated with multiple businesses along with a biz/brand id.
    You need to send biz/brand id under the header with the key name - x-upr-biz-id and the value - will be shared with you during the on-boarding of the business by our OM/ACM.
    Based on the value you set for x-upr-biz-id, the request will be made to that specific business/brand in our system.

    In one sentence, you need to pass Universal Authorization and x-upr-biz-id under headers every time you make a request to our system for multi-brand integration.

    Note: If there are any of your merchants who have multi-brands, please make sure you highlight this to your integration PoC during the development stage itself.

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