Gamma - Dashboard for POS

The user manual for using the Gamma dashboard build for POS vendors.


Written By Ops UrbanPiper (Collaborator)

Updated at December 11th, 2019


The web-based application Gamma enables you to measure the health of partnership with us. It gives insights on merchant on-boarding, their go-live status, integration status, orders processed, churned counts, and an easy way of clearing the invoices. The core motivation of Gamma was to bring the main value proposition of operational efficiency for POS.

Gamma Features:

The main page gives overall insights on,

  • Total Orders Processed Till date
  • Total Features Integrated
  • Churned Count of merchants


  • The pipeline gives you the flexibility to queue up merchants looking for integration. As and when the merchant pays, you can notify us to onboard them.
  • Fill all the relevant details asked for and are marked required. We will be notified when you queue up merchants
  • POC at UrbanPiper team will "Convert" the merchant thereby onboarding the merchant.
  • The Biz will be automatically created when the merchant is converted, and an ACM (Account Manager) will get in touch with you to provide the API keys and other dashboard details to take it forward.


  • You can view the list of merchants on-boarded for integration. You can also see the: 
    • Number of live units (Units Count) 
    • Number of orders each merchant has processed since the onboarding (Orders Count) 
    • Day the merchant on-boarded for integration (Created) 
    • Status of the merchant with integration (New, Active & Churned) and comments. 
  • You will have the flexibility to mark the status from

    • "new" to "active" (Marked after the merchant has gone live).

    • "active" to "churned". (Marked when the client has churned). But beware the churned merchant can neither be marked new nor active. If you want to re-onboard a churned merchant, please write to 

  • Changing any status will demand a comment in 30 characters. This basically ensures that the ACM, Sales POC of UrbanPiper and the other POC of your POS taking care of operations are all on the same page regarding that particular status of the merchant. 


  • List of API’s to be integrated are displayed. Of all, 3 features are tagged "required" [Order Relay Webhook, Order Status Webhook, Manage Catalogue API]. It is mandatory to have these integrated before starting to onboarding merchants. 

  • You will be notified of any new enhancements in the API released, here!

  • Each API development is entailed with three status change namely:

    • "New" (marked if you haven’t begun the integration),

    • "In-progress" (marked by you when are making development to integrate that API)

    • "To-be Verified" (marked by you when you have completed the development).

    • Once you mark the status "To-be Verified", an Email will be triggered to the concerned person supporting your integration. He/She will test and mark that feature "Completed" for you. 

  • Once set New for a particular feature, the expected completion date is automatically calculated by the system for that particular feature. Likewise, the "Actual completion date" is captured by the system as well.

  • When the expected Completion date is crossed, the time frame “breach” is notified to your POC. Kindly make sure you don’t breach the timeframe to avoid the expiry of orders kicking in.

NOTE: For a new POS signing up as a partner, this would be your start. Post the payment, the concerned salesperson will share your access to gamma! You may start building features.

The tool is developed only to make your reconciliation easier. We’d be really happy to have you use this and make enhancements as the requirement grows. 


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