Configuring an Item Inclusion/Exclusion coupon

How to go about configuring item inclusion and exclusion coupons for a merchant


Written By Varun Rajan (Administrator)

Updated at January 29th, 2018

The last article provided an overview of advanced coupons and its types, where two of the types mentioned were item inclusion and item exclusion coupons.

This article will provide a detailed walkthrough for configuring these coupons in Quint.

Listed below are the steps to go about configuring these coupons.


Edit Rules contains filters and restrictions that target only a specific customer base to avail the coupon.

A detailed walkthrough of configuring the rules can be seen in our article on Advanced Coupons.


Edit Actions define the execution of the coupon once all the rules have been successfully applied.

  • Set the action to Item Inclusion/Exclusion in the dropdown.

  • Type:
    Select if the coupon is an inclusion or exclusion coupon.
  • Items:
    Add all the items which are to be included/excluded in the coupon.
  • Max Discount:
    This is the maximum amount that can be discounted on applying the coupon.
    Eg: Assume there's a coupon that offers 50% discount and the max discount is set as 200. When an order with a Sub-Total of Rs.500 is placed, the discount applied would still be Rs.200 and not Rs.250.
  • Restrict inclusion to single item:
    Check the box if the discount is to be applied for only 1 quantity of the item.
  • Ignore Item's Options:
    If the coupons include/exclude certain options of an item, it has to be entered here.
  • Error Message:
    A custom error message can be set if the coupon is not applicable, which would displayed to the customer after the coupon is applied.

NOTE: Item Inclusion/Exclusion coupons can only be configured if the coupon type is set as Percentage.

3. Click on SAVE

The item inclusion/exclusion coupon is now configured.

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